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A unique cheese !!! Unique because there is currently only one cheesemaker producing it; unique, moreover, for its cheese-making technology, which combines a tradition that is lost in the mists of time to a study continually aimed at improving the result; very rare also because this cheese was now out of the Sicilian dairy tradition. The Tuma Persa® is born practically in the seasoning. The same name seems to have a direct link with it, considering that after being put into shape, it is “abandoned” for 8/10 days before intervening for the first time: it is then coarsely washed by the mold created and “back again – donated ”for another 8/10 days before finally being salted, after having washed and brushed it very carefully. “Cheese … the rush of milk to immortality”

Organoleptic characteristics

The rind is yellow-ochre. It becomes dark as a result of the curatina, that is the cappatura performed with oil and ground pepper. The dough is tender, compact tending to crumble, with little holes, white towards straw yellow. The flavour is between sweet and spicy but never salty, with a long and aromatic aftertaste that vaguely recalls the blue cheeses. It has a remarkable balance and consistency.

Other information

Type of cheese: soft, raw pressed pasta. Type of milk used: whole milk, theorized. Type of rennet: in kid or lamb paste. Animal species: cow.

Shape: cylindrical with a flat base.

Barefoot thickness: variable from 8 to 10 cm.

Average weight per shape: variable from about 7 kg. Percentage of fat on the dry substance: 45-55%. Production area: Monti Sicani, in the Sicilian hinterland.

Average nutritional values

Fat (%): 36.35 Salt (%): 2.02 K calorie / 100g: 442 (Source CO.R.FI.LA.C)


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