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Vastedda del Belice is a unique cheese of its kind in Europe: a spun paste obtained from raw sheep’s milk from the Valle del Belice breed, with a white colour and a sweet, fresh and pleasant taste. Its peculiarity is the processing of pasta filata, very rare in sheep’s milk cheeses as the casein of sheep’s milk does not facilitate spinning. To produce the Vastedda it is necessary to use historical wooden equipment, such as: piddiaturi, la tina, the board or spreader, the patella and the stick o spinning scoop as well as the copper boiler tin-plated, rush straws and ceramic soup plates. With the use of these tools the milk is enriched with a pro-dairy microbial flora that gives the Vastedda in a natural way, particularity and specificity. At the Vastedda della Valle del Belice the PDO Denomination of Protected Origin under the reg. EU No. 971 of 10/28/2010

Line: Formaggi D.O.P.

Product: Vastedda della Valle del Belice D.O.P.

Production area: Province of Trapani and Agrigento

Production period: All year

Type: Spun paste cheese made with whole raw sheep’s milk

Product identification: The label must include the logo of the protection consortium, the DOP mark, the manufacturer’s data

Ingredients: Raw whole sheep’s milk, salt, rennet.

Type of shape: Characteristic of loaf or focaccia, no crust, ivory white colour, smooth compact

Taste: Sweet acidulous, fresh and pleasant

Pasta: White, smooth colour, with possible hints of streaks due to the artisan spinning

Crust: Absent

Maturing: 5 days

Deadline: 120 days

Packaging: Single, vacuum packed

Form weight: 500 to 600 grams

Packaging type: Carton

Storage temperature: + 4 ° C

Transport temperature: + 4 ° C


Label of Vastedda del Belice Dop

This very rare cheese, much closer to a mozzarella than to a classic pecorino, should be eaten fresh. His gentleness and persuasiveness are unique. It represents a “noble” and high-quality alternative to the many fresh cheeses increasingly appreciated by consumers, but mostly banal and lacking in personality. The Vastedda is cut into strips, it is combined with a drizzle of oil and the Nocellara del Belice olives. The scent of fresh oregano enhances its characteristics. Also ideal as an ingredient in country salads or for caprese instead of cow’s or buffalo mozzarella. Recognizing its high historical value and the need for its protection and preservation, this cheese is a SLOW FOOD PRESIDIO.


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